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CHARACTER SERIES: MCU (available from pre-Thor through Civil War)


Backtagging: Absolutely. I don't mind picking up old threads again if we take a break from tagging something either.
Threadhopping: Sure, if it's relevant.
Fourthwalling: Again, fine if it's relevant.
Offensive subjects: I am not easily offended. Go for it.
Shipping: I'll specify my preferences for each specific meme. I'm willing to do both m/m and m/f if ota. Note- I do ship Thor/Loki, so feel free to tag me with that.
I'm willing to try out most pairings at least once!
Cross-canon: Definitely open to cross-canon CR. When it comes to shipping and smut, I might PM you with a few questions if I'm not familiar with the character.
AUs: I love AUs and would be more than happy to try out new ideas.
Contacting me: Shoot me a PM if you have any questions about tagging. PMs are also great if you're interested in playing out a meme together or want to discuss setting up a PSL.


Hugging this character: He isn't exactly a cuddly person, but if he likes you there shouldn't be a problem.
Kissing this character: Again, just fine if he likes you.
Flirting with this character: He might flirt back or just tease you about it.
Fighting with this character: Expect him to play dirty. Daggers, sorcery and tricks, plus the strength and endurance of a Jotun.
Injuring this character: Ordinary humans will probably have trouble managing it, but smashing him into the ground repeatedly is a tried and true method. He heals quickly, so minor injuries won't last very long.
Killing this character: Sure, though it never really seems to stick.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes.
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Continued from here

[Loki had given Erik his word that he would return to Poland precisely a month after their first meeting. Unfortunately, because life as a prince of Asgard could be rather unpredictable, he found himself running several days late.

After returning home without raising much suspicion, Thor and his friends had decided they wished to depart on a special hunting trip... one that would greatly benefit from Loki's sorcery. Since he still had weeks before his planned return trip to Midgard, he agreed, eager enough to practice his magic and hopefully receive proper credit if their endeavor was a success. While that was doubtful considering the combined egos of Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three, he could at the very least depend on an enjoyable feast upon their return.

Loki hadn't expected the hunting party to run into quite so many obstacles.

Other beasts needed to be fought, other people would block their progress. It became apparent about halfway through the trip that he wouldn't be back on time. Still, with the little ball of metal stored safely in his pocket, Loki thought he might be forgiven. Erik would be able to sense his presence upon his return, and had the option to meet him again if he still wished it. Even five weeks later, as the train pulled up into the familiar station in Poland, he did hope that would be so. Never had a mortal intrigued him as much as this one, enough so that he was willing to risk an even longer stay away from Asgard to find out more about him.

Yes, Erik roused his curiosity, but his intentions weren't entirely that of a scholar studying a newly discovered tome. Loki sat down on one of the station's benches and tried to puzzle through the reasons behind the attraction between them, much as he had done during the past few weeks. He mused on the issue while rolling the little metal ball slowly between his palms, and wondered how Erik would feel if he learned any of the truths behind his 'mutant' friend's identity. Perhaps he would tell, perhaps not. Whether he would be believed was another issue entirely.]
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For nearly a millennium Jotunheim suffered the loss of its core power, the Casket of Ancient Winters, to the merciless and greedy clutches of Asgard. Each century the citizens of the desolate realm became increasingly desperate for its return as food became increasingly scarce along with the extinction of several massive fauna historically hunted for their meat and other parts.

After the crown prince of Asgard invaded Jotunheim with his friends, King Laufey believed he finally had his opportunity to have the casket returned to them. He demanded it in return for continued peace while Odin steadfastly refused, ensuring that negotiations froze for days on end. Loki spent most of his time standing somewhere in the shadows during those meetings, taking advantage of the rare opportunity to see Asgardians for himself. It was odd being near beings his size, and he couldn't help but admire their various eye and hair colors.

Out of all of them, prince Thor easily drew the most attention, even if he was clearly very unhappy that they were spending so much time negotiating rather than starting the war he'd apparently hoped to provoke. Loki hadn't seen the battle personally, having been tucked away in the castle at the time, but he'd already heard all the details from his older brothers. What wasn't explained he could guess based on the various loud crashes and sounds of destruction from outside.

Personally, he thought the return of the Casket was more than fair to repay Jotunheim for such grave damage. Unfortunately, Odin absolutely would not be swayed on that matter. Not entirely, anyway.

The two kings did eventually come to an agreement. Laufey would agree to continue the peace treaty if Thor would be forced to remain on Jotunheim as a "guest" for a year's time. After that, if Odin felt that his son had been treated fairly, he would bring him home and then have the Casket returned. Loki wasn't sure if he believed they would truly have their power source back in a year, but felt hopeful as the others present as the agreement was reached. Well, the Jotuns were hopeful. Somehow he doubted Thor and his friends would see it quite the same way.
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[Somehow, Odin had found out that Loki had been responsible for letting the Frost Giants sneak into Asgard under Heimdall's nose. Most likely the gatekeeper had shared his suspicions and the All-Father had consulted with Frigga to put the (admittedly rather obvious) clues together to come to the unhappy conclusion. On top of that, Heimdall had heard the conversation that took place among the brothers, Sif and the Warrior's Three, and passed that information along to Odin as well. Loki's responsibility for goading Thor into action was clear.

For those reason, he too had been stripped of his powers and tossed through the portal alongside Thor. Both of them banished before they could really even understand what was happening, it was impossible to really just stop and think about where they'd ended up.

There were trees. Many trees. The tips of tall buildings peeked out from the top of the treeline, revealing a city of some sort relatively nearby. Helicopters buzzed overhead in the opposite direction, clearly chasing after the mysterious object that had come crashing to the ground miles away from their current position... not that either of them were yet aware that Odin had thrown Mjolnir into the Bifrost after them.

They also couldn't be aware that a lone figure in flight-capable armor was about to track them down at the edge of the city. How could any of those things matter when the two princes had just lost everything in a blink of an eye?

Loki rubbed absentmindedly at his forearm as he leaned against a nearby tree, mind reeling from everything their father had said before tossing them out. All he had wished to do was delay Thor's ascension to the throne, to protect Asgard from a King who cared for nothing but battle and was completely unable to contain his ego. That was all.

Except it wasn't.

He had been ceaselessly, devastatingly jealous of Thor for so long that he could barely remember a time when he actually felt as though the two of them were considered equals. What he'd done was not only for the good of Asgard but also to sooth the stabbing envy that had only grown more powerful in the weeks leading up to Thor's coronation. And now his brother knew that he'd been responsible for all of it, as their father hadn't been shy to say so in front of an audience.

On top of all that, Loki had the color blue on his mind. His arm... it should have burned like Volstagg's when that Jotun grabbed it. How could he explain what had happened instead? Would he never find out now? His suspicions led to such a grim place that Loki refused to allow himself to settle on such a conclusion, and found it might actually be preferable to deal with Thor's inevitable wrath over what had happened.]


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